Electrical & Electronics Training Details

Total Space Allocation:

600 sq ft

Training Duration

Electrical & Electronics:

8 Weeks

Practical Skill Testing Availability

No. of Bay:



Panel Board, Electric Board, Wire / Cable, Repeat Gun.


Regulator, Electric Meter, Hand Drill.

  • 6″ connectors, Screw Driver 8″, 10″, 12″ – and + types.
  • Cutting Pliers, Neon Testers, Crimping Tools, Multimeters.
  • Megger 500 V, Line testers.
  • Soldering iron 25W, 250V.
  • Cable gland, cable link and all types of feruls.
  • Tonge tester, Gripping tools and Cable lug player.
Training Methodology
  • Basics of electricity.
  • Concepts of AC & DC current mean.
  • Earthing, its uses, types and how to measure them.
  • What is phase & neutral. How to know them & measure the voltage available by using volt meter.
  • What current means and to measure its units using amp meter.
  • What are isolators, conductors, resistors, how & where to use them.
  • Identifying the wiring accessories as per the symbols. Make them simple twist joints, repair TW board for fixing flush type accessories.
  • Various types of wiring, single phase & three phase.
  • What LT & HT wiring mean.
  • Single way wiring, two way, parallel & serial wiring.
  • Cabling, cable glanding, cable termination using latest hand tools.
  • Ways of cable laying, both underground & using cable trays.
  • Various sizes of cable & wires, colour coding usages.
  • Practical training on how to install distribution boards, bus bars single & multiple, where & how they are used.
Safety Classes
  • How to prevent electrical shocks.
  • First aid – how to rescue a person & attend to him in case of electrical shock.