Painting / Blasting Training Details

Total Space Allocation:

540 sq ft

Training Duration


8 Weeks


8 Weeks


Painting & Blasting Equipments:

Air Compressors, Blasting hoppers, Copper slags, Blasting hoses, Air Hoses, Blasting nozzle ( gun), Spray pump with spray hose, Spray Guns and Painting Hand Gloves.

Painting & Blasting PPE:

Blasting safety helmet with fine air, Blasting Hand Gloves, Blasting Overall, Dust mask, Safety shoes, Ear plug, Respirator, Safety Helmet, Safety Belt / Harnasse, Safety goggles

Usage of Equipments:

Blasting safety helmet with fine air, Light signal, Blasting hand gloves, Blasting leather overall, safety helmet, safety shoe, ear plug, dust mask / respirator, fire flame proof light, air filter mask.

Training Methodology
  • First screening on the candidates – physically will be taken.
  • The selected candidates will be taught first on the usage of the PPE.
  • Theory on painting & blasting equipments & tools will be given.
  • Safety measures and concern for health & hygiene to be understood in painting & blasting area.
  • Practical explanation on the function of the air compressor, blasting hopper, and operating of spray gun.
  • Training the candidates to make them familiar with various types and conditions of blasting & painting , prepare base surfacing for good painting work.
Blasting & Painting Standard
  • S.A.2.5 ( surface to be clean exm: 93% to be removed mile scale ) grey metal
  • S.A.2.0
  • S.A.1.5 ( Hot sweep)
  • S.A.1.0 ( Light sweep)
  • Spot Blasting ( for rusted area )
  • Airless spray painting
  • Conventional spray painting
  • Brush Painting
  • Roller Painting