Welding Training Details

Total Space Allocation:

2800 sq ft (with 26 welding booths)

Additional Space:

560 sq ft (with 10 welding booths)
Training Duration

SMAW (2G,3G,4G):

12 Weeks

FCAW / MIG (2G,3G,4G):

12 Weeks

GTAW/ TIG (6g):

14 Weeks

GTAW/ TIG (6g) [SS]:

16 Weeks

Practical Skill Testing Availability

No. of Bay:



  • 26 DC Arc Machine (400 Mpr)
  • 10 MIG Machine
  • 26 TIG Machine
  • 1 Gauging Machine


Cutting Grinder, Flat / Brush Grinder,Oven / Quiver Box


Head Shield, Hand Shield, Chipping Hammer, Wire Brush, Tones
Equipment and Power

Welding Rectifier:

30 ARC welding rectifier machines 300-450A

Welding Inverters:

20 Tig welding inverters 300A DC

CO2/ MIG Machine:

7 sets of CO2/ MIG Machine 400 A

Gauging Machine:

2 sets of Gauging Machine

Welding Tools:

Grinding machine, Welding Helmets, Chipping hammers, Hand gloves, Safety goggles, Safety shoes, Welding hand Gloves, Leather aprons, Hand sleeve, Wire brush.

Cutting Tools:

Cutting torch with hose and regulator LPG & CO2, Bucketing machine and Bevel cutting machine.
Training Methodology
Beginner Level

For the new candidates with no Welding knowledge and no qualification (SMAW)

  • As per the AWS standard 1F, 2F, 3F, 4F training is given at the start.
  • On the candidates eligible to weld as mentioned in point 1, next will be the 1G flat position, 2G horizontal position in plate, 3G vertical position & 4G overhead position welding training.
Intermediate Level

For the candidates with 4G welding knowledge (SMAW)

  • We upgrade those candidates with 2G pipe horizontal position, 5G flat position, and 6G unequal positions.
  • Candidates eligible to weld SMAW upto 6G, they get upgraded to TIG & ARC welding.
  • Candidates eligible to weld SMAW upto 4G position , they get upgraded to MIG welding up to 1F, 2F, 3F, 4F, 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G.
Advanced Level

For the candidates who know some welding positions they will be upgraded to the next higher welding position.

  • Candidates with 3G SMAW welding knowledge will be upgraded to 4G SMAW welding.
  • Candidates with 3G SMAW welding knowledge can also be upgraded to 3G GMAW.
  • Candidates with 6G SMAW welding knowledge will be upgraded to 2G GTAW / 5G GTAW / 6G GTAW as per the candidates’ requirements.